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Our Annual Summer Challenge

Every year, P&P Chiropractic Centers host a super fun Summer Challenge for children. It's a fabulous way to keep kids minds and bodies healthy during the summer. Stay tuned for more details regarding P&P Chiropractic's 2024 Summer Challenge! We can't wait to have some fun with you.

what is it?

The summer challenge is an opportunity for children to get outside, explore, exercise, read, try new things and do activities with their family and friends during the summer months. This FREE challenge is available to everyone to print out and do on your own! However, if you choose to officially register your child, then they will have a deadline, receive a T-shirt upon completion, and be entered into the drawing, where one lucky child will win $50 Gift Card!

who is it for?

All ages under 18 are welcome to participate. Challenge your friends and siblings and see who gets to the 55 goal first!

when do we play?

Registration typically opens June 1st for any interested participants and all Challenge Grids must be turned in by August 31st. If you wish not to participate in the full challenge and be entered into the drawing, then you can begin and play at your own pace!

how do we play?

  1. Register your child(ren) 

  2. Print the challenge grid

  3. Complete tasks from June 1 - August 31 by having a parent or guardian initial each completed square. Be sure to HAVE FUN!

  4. Upload, email or drop off the challenge grid with a minimum of 55 signed (completed) squares with your child’s name clearly printed on the top right corner.

  5. Your child(ren) will be entered into a  drawing for a $50 gift card.

  6. Winner of the gift card will be chosen September 1st.

Register Your Child
Download the Grid
Upload Your Completed Grid
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