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Pediatric Care

P&P Chiro Centers specialize in pediatric chiropractic services that aim to promote overall health and wellness. Our team of chiropractors are highly experienced, advance trained and dedicated to providing a safe environment for your child, building a trusting relationship, and helping you navigate any of their healthcare needs as they go through all the stages of development and maturity. With our low force adjusting techniques you can put your mind at ease with the security that our adjusting is safe, effective and mostly just fun for kids of all ages! We are at the ready to provide extremely detailed newborn exams assessing for things such as oral ties, cranial shape, neurological reflexes, skin conditions, and more. Although we can be by your side to help with latching issues, reflux, gassiness and other newborn issues, we are here to monitor and assist as your child navigates through all of their milestones.


It is important to us to offer a holistic approach to being a portal of entry facility for any ailment that may present with your child. We are equipped to assess, diagnose and treat many childhood issues with a non-invasive approach, while have the ability to refer out to specialists or advanced testing if and when needed. We all know it takes a village to raise healthy, vibrant young adults, and we take great pride when a family chooses to invite us in and to be a part of your journey!

How We Can Help Support Your Children

Absolutely wonderful office - the doctors and the entire staff are all absolute professionals, and are warm and caring. It’s a very family friendly atmosphere - everyone is so good with the kids which makes all the difference when you are pregnant and have littles. I felt amazing physically and full of energy in my third trimester after I started getting adjusted by Dr. Brie. Cannot recommend this practice highly enough!

-Esther R.

Rehab & Therapies

Although our focus is on providing quality chiropractic care, we know that there is a bigger picture when it comes to our body. Many times we require additional care to reach our healthcare goals. We provide additional services as necessary including:

-Ultrasound therapy

-Estim (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)


-Compression Therapy


-Myofascial release technique


As designated primary care physicians in the state of Florida, we are able to refer to specialists if and when its medically necessary. We are also able to send for any blood work, urinalysis, and imaging if required. Knowing that when you come into one of our offices, you are in the hands of a physician and team that is patient focused and share in one goal, which is to provide the expected results for our patient.


Nutrition is life. From teaching a child from a very young age a healthy nutritional lifestyle, supporting your growing fetus during pregnancy, and helping your body balance and fully recover from pregnancy, we have the dietary recommendations and supplementation available to conveniently support your family!  Check out our full inventory in the office or our options available online for in-office pick up or shipped direct to you!

Contact us today to schedule your child's pediatric visit. 

Dr. Brie and her team are truly so amazing. Everyone is so kind and helpful. Expect to be greeted with such a warm welcome. The front desk team are always on their game. They have always taken the time to figure out scheduling and even helped me sort things out when I switched my insurance. The chiropractor assistants are efficient and are patient with the little ones. They make sure your child is comfortable and will do anything to make them smile. All the chiropractors are fantastic. You can book an appointment with any provider and you will be well taken care of. We see Dr. Brie and she is such a superstar. She has helped us with colic, rashes, and cranial adjustments. She has answered all my questions and has helped me find resources to better educate myself. If you are looking for a place where you are not treated like a number and that your child is treated as a whole and not just treating a symptom then this is the place for you.

- Bethany T.

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