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Prenatal Care

Our unique training has allowed for us to successfully help women navigate and resolve many issues that arise in pregnancy such as pubic symphysis dysfunction, breech positioning, heartburn and indigestion, hemorrhoids, low back pain, sciatica, groin and pelvic pain, and many other abnormal issues that can come about with pregnancy. Since each pregnancy is its own unique journey, we care for every mother based on her individual history and presentation.


One last point to mention, is that we also love to pamper our pregnant moms-to-be and therefore offer chiropractic tables that allow for you to lye face down, that right, on your belly, throughout the duration of your pregnancy! This, along with our adjusting techniques are done with the safety of both mom and baby in mind. Although our techniques are highly effective, they are also low force. 


Come see why pride ourselves on being the premier choice for prenatal chiropractic care, we promise you’ll feel the difference!

Are you a new patient? Please fill out our Prenatal Questionnaire!

Absolutely wonderful office - the doctors and the entire staff are all absolute professionals, and are warm and caring. It’s a very family friendly atmosphere - everyone is so good with the kids which makes all the difference when you are pregnant and have littles. I felt amazing physically and full of energy in my third trimester after I started getting adjusted by Dr. Brie. Cannot recommend this practice highly enough!

-Esther R.

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