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Preconception Care

So many couples struggle to conceive and there are so many reasons why. By welcoming Dr. Carolyn and her expertise to join you as a couple, in your conception journey, you are providing yourself with an all-encompassing protocol for a successful environment for your future family. You will be guided through 3 months of a dedicated overall health and wellness journey allowing for optimal health for both you and your partner.

The Foundations of Preconception Care


The brain controls all of the body's systems and functions! If there is an interference between the brain and body, the systems will not function correctly. Chiropractors can remove the interference (subluxations) that block the connection between the brain and the body.


Dehydration is never an ideal condition for your body, and it can be especially harmful during preconception and pregnancy. For women, dehydration can affect cervical mucus, which plays an important role in transporting and protecting the sperm to the fallopian tubes for egg fertilization. For men, semen production and semen volume can be negatively impacted by dehydration too.


When we relax, we decrease our stress levels. Reducing stress has been shown to increase the rates of pregnancy in infertile women. When you consider that stress hurts the body, causing distress and functional changes, it is easier to understand that relaxation can help the body regain more natural and normal function.


Nutrition is important for promoting fertility and reproductive health in both males and females. It’s never too early to start thinking about preconception nutrition! A preconception diet and maintaining a healthy weight.


Though it does not replace healthy eating, good quality nutritional supplements are essential. The sperm and egg are equally important in the creation of a healthy baby so both parents should be sure they are getting their necessary nutrients.


Starting a workout routine and being active is a big move in the right direction when you're trying to conceive. Exercise reduces stress and helps you to sleep better. Working out regularly can help you to maintain a healthy weight, which is important since pregnancy is not the time to try and lose the pounds.

What about the Future Dad?

The foundations are not only important for Mom’s preconception health, but Dads as well! Dads pass on more than genetics in their sperm. Evidence has shown that sperm can take note of their father’s lifestyle decisions and transfer this information to offspring. It takes two healthy parents to create a healthy baby!

Having a difficult time getting pregnant?


If you suffer from any of the following and are struggling to get pregnant, we can help.

Irregular or absent periods

Excess Physical or Emotional Stress

Very High or Very Low Body weight


Hormone Imbalance

Poor Dietary Habits

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