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Virtual Vaccination Consultations
Dive into the Basics of Vaccinations with Dr. Brie!


With these virtual consultations you will get 30 days of unlimited* emailing with Dr. Brie and one

30-minute face-to-face virtual consult via Skype or a tool that works best for you on an agreed upon date and time.  Dr. Brie can guide you through learning the 101 of vaccinations, answer specific questions, address concerns, provide research, resources, studies or whatever else your needs are on this specific subject.

*Emails will be answered with 24 hours of receipt.


PLEASE NOTE! It will ask you to choose your Skype date and time, this is NOT guaranteed, please verify a date and time with the doctor once you have started communicating.

  • 30-day Virtual Vaccination Consultation

    30 days of unlimited emailing and (1) face-to-face virtual session with Dr. Brie
    Valid for one month
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